Buy Nike Air Force 1 Low Easter White Multi-Color Pastel CW5592-100

Buy Nike Air Force 1 Low Easter White Multi-Color Pastel CW5592-100

Nike Air Force 1, the epic science fiction masterpiece "Interstellar" directed by Christopher Nolan was re-screened in domestic theaters. The magnificent view of the universe and profound philosophy constructed by the movie are worthy of everyone entering the cinema to review this classic second. Just like the plot in the movie, human beings have never stopped dreaming about outer space. Although "migrating to Mars" cannot be truly realized in a short time, this has always been the ultimate dream of countless cosmic researchers.In the field of trend and fashion, Mars has also become a source of inspiration for many designers and industry insiders. They will make human exploration of outer space a source of fashion inspiration and integrate them into their designs. Under bold assumptions, when "migrating to Mars" becomes a reality, how will mankind bring civilization, art, and even the trend culture we care most about to Mars?
Air Jordan 3 Regarding this question, perhaps the newly completed SKP-S can give us the answer. Beijing SKP-S, which opened with a surprise opening at the end of last year, uses a unique and creative way of presentation in terms of spatial language and design inspiration to build a "trend planet" for every trendy person, thereby subverting the traditional entity The concept of the shop.Miss Que also came to SKP-S deliberately this time, featuring the new Jordan Delta Breathe as the protagonist, with four sets of looks in different styles.You may ask, since it is an outer space theme, why did I choose Jordan Delta Breathe shoes?
In fact, you may not know that at the beginning of the design of Delta shoes, the NMD For Sale design team borrowed from aerospace technology. The designer took the design of space suit gloves and sophisticated craftsmanship as inspiration to create this versatile commuter shoe suitable for all-weather wear paragraph. I believe that as long as you care enough about Sneaker, you must have heard of Delta's excellent foot feel. I won't go into details today.Compared with the original version, the new Jordan Delta Breathe, in addition to continuing the excellent foot feel, the biggest feature is the change of the upper, canceling the original multi-material splicing design, and the new Jordan Delta Breathe uses more The translucent material that is in line with the current trend to create the upper, in addition to the multiplication of the trend, the breathable shoes are also up a step, which is very suitable for wearing in the high temperature climate all over the country today.


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