Nike Kobe Boots are on sale again at the end of the month

Nike Kobe Boots are on sale again at the end of the month

Jordan Shoes Sale UK Kobe's tragic death left countless Comets with great grief.In order to prevent Kobe's boots and related surroundings from being maliciously promoted, keep the respect and memory of Kobe pure.
Nike has officially delisted all Kobe-related products, and major resale platforms around the world have subsequently suspended and removed them.Today Nike finally officially announced that it will start on August 23 with a series of activities and new product sales to pay tribute to the legendary life of Kobe.In the upcoming "Kobe Mamba Week", Nike will make efforts in the following three areas:
1. Provide one million US dollars in donations to Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.
2. Pass on the spirit of Kobe by continuing to host the Mamba League game.
3. Inherit Kobe's product innovation and inspiration, and continue part of Kobe's series of products.
Jordan Shoes UK also means that we are finally waiting for the re-release of Kobe boots and jerseys.According to a preview released by Footlocker, an overseas shoe chain store, the first "Big Stage" color scheme will be unveiled on August 23, Kobe's birthday.To pay tribute to Kobe's fifth championship title in 2010, the two colors of white and black that were personally applied that year were combined into one. The inner and outer yin and yang forms cover the laser pattern, and the rich Kobe Mamba elements, so there must be no fewer friends who want to start.
Yeezy 350 For Sale second Lakers color scheme will be on sale on August 24th Kobe Bryant Day.The shoe body uses yellow lines to outline the outline, black and purple contrast color covers the upper, and the insole LA word highlights the purple gold theme of the Lakers!The third color scheme is based on the Nike Youth Elite Basketball League (EYBL), and the release date is set at the end of the month on August 29.The shoe body is framed in light gray, matched with a dark green shoe body, and the EYBL Logo can be seen on the tongue.Behind the three color schemes are the endless Mamba spirit. Even though Kobe has been with Gigi in heaven, the Mamba spirit will live forever.


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